Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Oh no! My Kids Heard Us Fighting.

Your Q: Moms and Dads are bound to fight over things. Do you find it harmful if kids listen to their parents argue and how do you prevent this from ever happening if you so? Lilly W.

The Mom Advocate A: First and foremost, parents will find themselves in an argument  in front of their children. This will inevitably occur. However, cutting off the argument from harming your children is where it becomes essential for both parents to accomplish. When Mom and Dad are discussing a topic or becoming heated over a situation, it's ALWAYS best to say to one another; "Can I speak with you in the other room" this will not only imply to the partner that it's time to calm the waters but remind the partner little ears are listening and absorbing. You may want to devise a word that reminds the partner that now is not the time to discuss this matter or that their tone is too intense or that little ones are listening. It could be as simple as; Smell The Roses. Regardless of the phrase, find one that you both know will remind you to stop instantly and bring your private matters into a private room without little ones listening. Best of Luck!