Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our Flip Camera Winner = Grandma Troubles Across the Pond!

Q:  I became a granny in Jan. However my daughter in law refuses to let me see the child and my son seems to be under her reign!They don´t live in the same city so I would have to travel. I don´t really know why she doesn´t like me , and it see...ms she is enjoying my "pains". My son was prepared to meet me in a neutral place , but the daughter in law has the delusion I may hurt the child if I see him. I think she is "sick" but would like your opinion.I live in Germany.



  1. This is sad. I feel awful for you. Have you ever met your daughter in law? I don't see how someone would think you'd hurt your own precious baby. Totally i'd ask your son what on earth would give her that kinda idea. Yes, if this is the case he should stick up for you. You seem as a sweetie. Good luck, i hope it gets better.

  2. @skat@Skat 35
    .Oh yes I have met my daughter in law and of course was at their wedding and even afterwards they visted me in Berlin.
    I must admit she probably doesn´t like my straight forward way, but those people who know me take me as I am, as does my son.At least we are on e-mail basis now ( he won´t ring me from home) and he tells me now and then how Ben is doing.Being as I am I asked if I could send something for Easter and received a positive answer, so I think that is a small step towards reconcilliation, I hope.
    Thankyou for commenting and thinking of me.